Business Development - national and international

Our strength in Business Development is the fast ascertainment and assessment of the actual situation and the pointing out of the relevant development potentials and the implementation.

Development potentials might be in the initiation of strategic distribution partners, new business areas, financing, individual sales- and marketing strategies, new customers or suppliers, “test of go to market” and M&A.

Together we define your targets, set up a strategy, implement it together with your employees and support the operational fulfillment for your success. New marketable and sustainable business models can be implemented at once and realized in short term.

We offer our customers the performance of a local/virtual office.

The ability to show and “use” international business opportunities and take cultural and social aspects in account is part of the key determinations for the economic success. Working on these aspects we improve your efficacy and efficiency of existing structures and business processes. We point out attractive potentials by aligning business segments on profitable markets.

We build your bridge to sustainable business success.

Troubleshooting & Interim Management

You intend to make some changes, face an unexpected situation or need a short term support in your business. We support at top level management and operative activities. The jobs can take place within your existing or at new structures and processes. Due to our wide knowledge, long successful track record and our broad network we can figure out the situation fast, define next steps and set an effective short term implementation.

We act fast and straightforward.

Initiation of opportunities and business cooperation

Your aim is to find new cooperation partners respectively customers. Your product or service are clearly defined. You are seeking for the right partner or customer. Our professional assistance can be in various disciplines such as the search and initiation of contact, clarification of legal questions up to the financing.

Together with our network support you shorthanded and professional.

Trading, Distribution and Special Inquiries

What is different?
We combine the classical trading company with the advantages and principles of a „one stop shop“ - focusing on your inquiries and not on limited product ranges.
You define your needs and current demand and we will make you the adequate offer e.g. for IT, high tech products, automotive, hydraulic or other industrial materials, spare parts or devices.

You do not have a procurement or purchasing department on your own or you plan to source it out?
We can take care about your whole supply chain from steering the order up to organizing the logistic – planning and operating.
With this additional service you profit from the advantages and benefits of the „on stop shop“ concept BUT you can integrate it in your company structure and process. The rules and decisions are always in your hands.