Success Stories

Following we show some achievements of the Company and its manager. On request we can provide you in a personal conversation the names of the references.

Case 1: IT-Hardware manufacturer, Business Development and Troubleshooting

A stock exchange listed mid-sized manufacturer and supplier of IT hardware, intended to have a new international sales region built up shorthandedly. The goal was to open up new potentials fastly, to expand the sales region and furthermore to generate additional revenue. We dealt with the tasks and operated as an external entity on behalf of the company working closely with the internal departments.
After analyzing the potentials in the defined region we adjusted the results with the management of the client and compared them with their corporate objectives.
We focused the activities on the relevant products for the region and coordinated pricing and terms. A short list of potential partners and customers was developed and we drove successfully the negotiations on behalf of our customer.

PEFACON acted here embedded in the existing structures of our customer as a standalone entity.

Case 2: Plant constructurer, Business Development, Initiation of opportunities

A producer of innovative and sustainable biogas plants intended to strengthen his sales activities. The task here was next to the initiation and support at the first contacts the ensuring that all parties take into account the different interests, cultural aspects and practices. We used our network and were able to locate opportunities and develop new leads. Thanks to the PEFACON activities and substantiated support during the meetings the parties were able to find further opportunities to expand the cooperation.

Case 3: Market leader in smart automated refueling and payment systems, Initiation of cooperation

A global market leader in smart and automated refueling and payment systems based on Vehicle Identification aimed to assess the scope for his entry into the German market. The target was to examine the possibilities in the market to address potential partners and possibly to initiate activities. Based on a quick trimming of technologies and selection of relevant cooperation partners, the meetings and exchanges of experiences were initiated and supported. The client was thus able to adapt its activities in the local market and set priorities.

Case 4: SME manufacturer and supplier of forensic testing products, Business development

A SMEs manufacturer and supplier of forensic testing products, who is listed on the US stock exchange, targeted to enter the German market after monitoring the relevant market and segments. Here we made a comparison between the corporate objectives and the German market including behaviors, rules and law conditions and potentials etc. After setting a plan we handle the sales- and marketing activities (materials, fair appearance, tender participation, etc.). In a short period, the relevant purchasers were addressed, a local/virtual office was set up for the customers and we started to manage the daily business. The services include the daily operation of incoming requests, processing orders and surveillance of the deliveries for customers and the ongoing customer support in Germany. The client base includes customers from the public and private sectors.

Case 5: FMCG start-up, test of go to market strategy

A start-up company within the FMCG sector intended to enter the German market. The goal was to get a short term overview of the market, the competition and a possible positioning as well as distribution opportunities. We set the product portfolio of our client compared to the market supply and made a recommendation with regard to positioning, sales channels and opportunities. Our client was able to match his goals for the market with the circumstances and to act accordingly in a very short time.

Case 6: German SME manufacturer - Business development Africa - realized by cooperation partner

A SME manufacturer of cheque reading devices has been faced with shrinking sales in the European market. Aim of the project has been to evaluate growth markets in Africa and to identify sales channel and possibilities on the African continent. A survey of all 54 African countries was done and some key growth markets analyzed. Moreover key to the project has been the set up of the sales channel in Nigeria which could increase sales of almost 20%. Besides the analysis and the set up of the sales channel the sales was pushed with local business development and technical support on ground.